The Astawa family, who lives next-door to the Krastawa accommodation will be your welcoming hosts and guide throughout your stay. Wayan Astawa is an experienced guide and he knows all the secret places of Bali. The family will be happy to welcome you at their house, you will meet many locals on their terrace.


Our team consists of:
Wayan, your host and guide/driver. Wayan is a very warm person who loves to show you around and talk about the wonderful life in Bali
Iluh,your chef, and the wife of Wayan. Iluh is a sweet and genuine lady, her authentic culinary creations show the genuine love and passion for food. By the way, she will give you the best massage you ever had...
Ayu, service and housekeeping, and the daughter of Wayan and Iluh. Ayu is always smiling (probably even when she is sleeping) and loves pampering our guests.
Gedé, gardener and poolman. He cleans the pool every morning before you wake up, and checks the water quality. Besides gardening, Gedé likes to have a chat with our guests, or play his guitar and sing a song, preferably together with you.


And if you would prefer full privacy, this is of course no problem as well. Our staff can take a day off, or you can ask them to be reachable. Wayan and his family live next door, so the staff can be reachable at all times. As long as they can clean the rooms in the morning while you are enjoying your breakfast, and water the grass every now and then, it is all fine with us.